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Art Enrichment



Art history and techniques – Students will learn about famous Artists and the techniques they use to create those artworks. Students will learn in a working art studio with materials to complete their own works of art. The rest of the day will be studying the geography and history of the different famous artists.

$100 a month for 4 classes - $50 registration fee - $50 materials fee

Grades 1 - 8

Music Enrichment

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A History of Music – Students will learn about famous Composers, different genres of music – musical instruments, reading notes on a scale, rhythm and time signatures. Students will learn vocal techniques and learn songs for a musical program.

$100 a month for 4 classes - $50 registration fee - $50 materials fee

Grades 1 - 8


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This is a day where the student will be either learning a science principle, learning about technology, engineering, art or woodworking. Students will learn about the different professions that are available and necessary in our society. A professional will come in at least once a month and share about their profession.

Grades 1 - 8

Only one registration fee is required per student for more than one class.

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