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Welcome to the Homestead!


After many years as a teacher and a school director, I made the leap to start a school in my home. As an American Montessori Society certified teacher, I love and believe in the Montessori Method.

My favorite moment in teaching is when I see "the light" come on when a child grasps a concept. I want to teach children to be lifelong learners and lovers of learning. I believe that a child's education should be broad and filled with fascination. One day we may be searching for insects, another day we may be working with  wood or reading a classic novel. Whatever each child is working on, I want them to absorb as much as they can. Practical life skills and responsibility are high on my list as well as being able to work and live together peaceably. 

I teach from a faith-based foundation and Christian world-view. What we believe is at the core of who we are and it affects the way we perceive  and interact with the world around us. 

Laura L Sanchez, Founder

Meet Our Head Directress

Mrs. Laura Sanchez

Elementary/ Erdkinder

Laura is an educator. She can’t help but share her love for life and the world around her. She is fascinated by nature and can be found down on the ground looking at insects with her students or climbing up into trees to catch a peek at a bird’s nest. She has been working with children and youth for 30+ years as a Children’s and Youth Pastor, until she transitioned from homeschooling her own children to working as an educator teaching 6 different subjects at Christ Prep academy from 2005 until 2011. She has taught in a Montessori environment since 2007 and finally became an American Montessori Society licensed Montessori teacher in 2016. She is licensed as a director in Missouri for 100+ children and in Kansas for up to 100 children. She opened her home five years ago to students in a Mini-Farm atmosphere using the Montessori method.

"We recommend Mrs. Laura and Homestead Montessori. She has been an amazing teacher and mentor to our girls since they were in elementary school, 9 years ago.

We have seen firsthand how dedicated she is to helping children succeed in learning. From staying late, working on the weekends, to continuing her education in order to make sure she has the best skills possible. Laura goes above and beyond! We could not recommend her enough."


Stephanie & Joseph Layne

"My wife and I have known Laura  for ten years, dating back to when she was our older daughter"s Montessori teacher at a school in Shawnee, Kansas.  We recognized immediately that Laura was an outstanding educator and person, and she quickly became her favorite teacher at the school.


With our older daughter, and her younger sister, we followed Laura as she opened her own school, Homestead Montessori, as our belief in her was that strong.  As was the case with our oldest, our younger daughter absolutely adores her as well.


Truly, she incorporates the foundation of a Montessori education, while adding her own elements of creativity, kindness, and self-reliance.  Both of our daughters have benefitted greatly from her teachings, and from her overall guidance.


Four years ago, our oldest, made the decision, on her own, to enroll in public high school, and transitioned beautifully.  Her grades and social integration have both been outstanding, and we as a family largely attribute this to her Montessori education led by Laura.


Our youngest, who just turned 12, remains a diligent student of Laura, and has no plans to go anywhere else. I personally, and we as a family, strongly recommend Laura and the education that she provides. Over the past ten years, she has been a bedrock of our girls’ education, as well as a friend."


Sean & Kelly Wheelock

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